The Hassbeat Drum Academy


Spend a week studying and playing with Steve Hass!! After a few requests from students across the globe, Steve has decided to begin drumset intensives. These can be anywhere from 1 day to many days, 2-8 hours a day depending on the students needs and budget. An intensive can be for one or multiple students on the same playing level. Students will discuss their focus areas prior, and Steve will develop a program. Students will be able to record themselves in Steve's studio and play with some of LA's best musicians in rhythm section workshops. Steve also has access to other top drummers in the Los Angeles area and will often bring them in as guest artists. Yamaha Drums North Hollywood, and Sabian in Burbank are also nearby for the students to check out. If you're interested in an intensive, please contact Stevehere for information. For those students who will be staying multiple days, Steve can create an intensive package with hotel accommodations at The Beverly Garland Universal Studios.