The Hassbeat Drum Academy


For students who want a focused curriculum Steve offers workshops. These workshops are intended to be in a small classroom setting up to 4 people. If you are interested in attending one of these workshops, please email Steve here and specify your workshop.

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Moeller Technique Workshop

Steve studied this hand technique with Jim Chapin. Jim Chapin was considered the foremost authority on the Moeller method having learned it from Sanford Moeller himself. In 1994 Steve performed at Jim's lifetime achievement award ceremony at Berklee College of Music. Steve will teach the students the various Moeller strokes beginning with the “DOWN" stroke. This hand technique workshop is 90 mins and costs each student $75.00.

Hand and Foot Coordination Workshop

90 minutes dedicated to getting around the kit using hand and foot combinations. Steve will discuss different practice approaches such as working different combinations while keeping a pulse and singing the melody of a song. This technique workshop is 90 mins and costs each student $75.00.

Jazz Drumming Workshop

Having worked with some of the world's greatest jazz artists, students often come to Steve to better their jazz drumming. In this workshop Steve will discuss coordination/independence, comping, soloing, song form, and repertoire. There will also be a good amount of listening and jazz history. This workshop is three
hours with a minimum of 4 students and costs each student $110.00.

Chart Reading/Ensemble Workshop

In this workshop Steve will help the students better their sight reading skills in a real live music setting. The student will have to know how to read rhythms before taking this workshop. In this four hour workshop, the first 2 hours are spent discussing the techniques of chart interpretation with some drumming, and the second two hours are dedicated to the students performing with a real rhythm section. This will also be video recorded for the students personal use. This workshop is a minimum of 3 students, and costs each student $150.00.
Studio Drumming Workshop

Steve moved to NYC in 1998 catching the final wave of the session scene before home studios became the norm. He has played on hundreds of recordings in all styles from demos and album dates to television jingles and movie soundtracks. This class takes place in Steve's recording studio with an engineer. Steve will act as producer in various settings and the student will be put in a "real life" session situation playing material they have never heard before. Topics discussed will be: playing different styles, playing to a click, creating a drum part, writing a short hand chart, and getting the right sound. This workshop is limited to 3 students and is 3 hours. Students will leave with a CD or MP3 of their work in the studio. This class costs each student $175.00.